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Intelligent Sales offers Scrap Magnets, Excavator Shears and Orange Peel Grapple for sale

Application Knowledge & Quick Response

At Intelligent Sales we strive to meet our customer needs through timely response, quality products and above all integrity. We look forward to discussing your application for our Orange Peel Grapple, Scrap Magnets  or Excavator Shear.   We offer a wide range of both new and used Electro Magnets for sale. Call us today so we can help you find the right product for your application


Innovative Solutions

We offer unique solutions with our ESB line of Scrap Magnets that do not require a generator to operate. These magnets work just like conventional electro magnets for any application. They can be built to work with either 12 or 24 volt systems on your vehicle. These magnets are being used in Scrap, Demolition and Railroad applications

Our Product line includes:

1. Scrap Magnets and Excavator Magnets
2. Magnet Generators and Magnet Controller
3. Excavator Grapples, Scrap Grapples and Orange Peel Grapples   in  a wide variety of styles
4. Track Pads
5. Excavator Shears and Mobile Shears for Scrap
6. Concrete Pulverizer for Demolition

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